ISNetworld Contractor

3. Mini Test Installation 

We want to do more than show you on paper what your new lighting will provide you.  We want to show you.  Therefore, we will install trial fixtures in your location for 60 days.  If you are happy with what you have seen and astonished at what you could be saving, all that is left to do is sign the proposal.

We will take care of the rest.

2. Proposal Presentation:

We present your personalized lighting solution to you face to face in a proposal format. All of the information within the proposal will be explained so you will have an understanding of how much energy you can save and also how much money your company can save.

1. Initial Meeting & Energy Audit

During our initial meeting we introduce ourselves and the Orion product line to you and find out what solution you are looking for, and how we can fit into your plan. During the energy audit we evaluate the location, take all of the lighting and special measurements, take a count of all of the existing fixtures, and obtain a copy of your utility bill to calculate your savings

Lighting Rebates

Utility providers across the nation have incentive programs to give money back to you for saving energy.

Customers that choose to retrofit their current inefficient lighting with qualified lighting are eligible for rebate programs. This money comes directly from the utility provider to the customer and can be used to cover the costs of your project bringing your bottom line even lower!  (Rebate rates may differ depending on the utility provider. Preapproval may be required.)

Best of all, we take care of the entire rebate process for you!

Our team works with a number of different utility providers across the nation and will happily research any rebates that may be available in your area. For our Chicagoland customers, the most common utility providers are ComEd and Ameren. Take a look at your utility bill to see who your provider is.

Our Simplified Process